Yateks B+ Benchtop Series Rigid Borescope System

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• 3-50 mm Depth of Focus
• 120° Field of View
• Resolution: 640 x 480
• Slip Ring on 90º (DOV) for Continuous Orbital Inspection

Diameter: 2.2 mm
Length: 3" (76.2 mm)
Direction of View: 0º (Direct)



Yateks B+ Benchtop Series Rigid Borescope System

The Yateks B+ Benchtop Series is a rigid, "video-wand" borescope system with a unique configuration for automotive, aerospace, and other components that may require repeatable, reliable inspections.  The probes' rigid form factor allows easy insertion into specified inspection bores on components of different sizes.  

Ideal for benchtop environments, the Yateks B+ Benchtop Rigid Video Borescope System allows for various tips with different available diameters, lengths, and directions of view (DOV). The B+Benchtop Series probes are versatile and compatible with the benchtop and portable controllers.

Need Base Unit and/or Handle?

Yateks B + Benchtop Series Rigid Borescope Control Unit- InterTest  B+ Benchtop Desktop Controller
Yateks B + Series Portable Handheld Monitor- InterTest  B+ Portable Handset Controller
Yateks B + Benchtop series video borescope handset- InterTest B+ Benchtop/Portable Series Video Borescope Handset


White Balance AWB
Internal storage Micro SD Card (32gb)
Data I/O port SD card interface, HDMI, USB interface
Brightness Control 3 degree brightness adjustment
Battery 18650 lithium batteries(replaceable)
Standby time ≥6h
File management Support image and video play, delete, format and naming
Image format JEPG(record the date and time)
Video format AVI (record the date and time)
Signal Output HDMI
Language Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean
Probe dimension 2.2 mm, 2.8mm, 3.0 mm(side view)
Insertion tube type Flexible
Insertion tube material stainless steel
Resolution 450,000 pixels
DOF 3mm-50mm
Field of view 120°
System work temperature -10°C~50°C
Probe work temperature -10°C~60°C
Waterproof grade Probe IP67


Product Specification Sheet

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