About Us

Who we are, our story, and the future.

We are InterTest, Inc.

We are remote visual inspection (RVI), and non-destructive testing (NDT) experts focused on the visual solutions of tomorrow. Our team promises to meet and exceed expectations with standard off-the-shelf products ready to ship the same day to custom solutions engineered specifically for your application.

Since 1981, InterTest®, Inc. has created and provided remote visual inspection (RVI) tools and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment to customers worldwide. With our extensive experience in inventing and innovating industrial inspection and testing methods, we are proud to offer an armory of unparalleled products and solutions for virtually any industry and environmental application.

From aircraft engines to the car racing track, hot and harsh manufacturing plants to cold outdoor environments, and bright welding torches to low-light applications, our visual solutions find their way to numerous industries and applications.

InterTest, Inc. History

InterTest, Inc. started as a two-man business, including founder and former President Bill Habermann, that represented manufacturers of NDT equipment in the northeastern United States. In addition, inspection services were provided to refineries and power plants based on ultrasonic and remote visual testing methods.

By servicing the need for innovation in testing equipment, techniques, and support apparatus, the company enjoyed steady growth through the 80s. InterTest expanded its sales range and satellite sales offices throughout the northeastern states. What started out as the design and manufacture of support accessories soon grew to product development and expansion of testing methods to include eddy current and acoustic emission methods. Strong demand for innovation in the nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing sectors propelled product development and led to the creation of a service-based second business: Visual Inspection Technologies. Hands-on experience in field services, integration of inspection systems, and development of new products all contributed to our broad knowledge base that is second to none in the industry.

Through the 1990’s, facilities staff and infrastructure were added to support a larger business base. With the addition of Tom Daly as Sales Manager in 1990, the sales and marketing team was able to expand business worldwide. The 90s also witnessed the addition of engineering talents in mechanical, electrical, and optical areas.

At the turn of the century, InterTest, Inc. experienced yet more growth and innovation by moving to its current headquarters of operations in Columbia, NJ. Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, and Operations continue to service customers from its New Jersey headquarters, but additional satellite sales offices extend our reach and capabilities throughout the world.

In 2021, Tom Daly became to the sole owner of InterTest, Inc. and looks to extend its already-rich 40+ year history of growth and success. Today, a dedication to excellence and teamwork catapulted us to our current position of global visibility and leadership. As for the future, InterTest, Inc. remains Focused on the Visual Solutions of Tomorrow and continues to meet or exceed customer expectations.