Gear Box Inspection

A Gear Box is a contained series of gears designed to transmit speed and torque in a purposeful direction. By nature a rotating power source to another device by changed speed, torque and / or direction.

Intertest Inc. has over 40 years experience involving Remote Visual Inspection ( RVI) of Gear box. From the smallest transmission units in vehicles, windturbines thru the largest rolling mills in steel plants and heavy industry. Applications such as conditioning monitoring of individual gears, bearings and other Gear Box components at Intertest Inc. we have the solutions you need.

 Typically Gear Box inspections are carried out by industry trained mechanics and technicians. A Remote Visual Inspection of internal Gear Box components using a Videoscope can provide all the same indicators of wear or defects as one would see with their naked eye but can be performed without dismantling equipment. Most Gear Boxes have removable plus to insert a Videoscope for inspection. The maneuverability of the articulating section of today’s videoscopes allows controlled access it tight spaces. Image quality is well in the HD range allowing the Technician to view bearing with signs of discoloration due to overheating.

 In combination with iGrab Manual Retrieval Tools iGrab Micro Retrieval Tools  and the line up of Videoscopes available at Intertest Inc. Yateks - Borescopes we have solutions for your inspection application.