iGrab™ Micro Manual FOD Retrieval Tool Kits - 8 Piece Sets

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• Plunger-style retrieval tool handle transfers excellent gripping power to the retrieval head
• Flexibility of the stainless steel body allows for bending and twisting through narrow passages
• Operates in conjunction with a video probe for FOSAR applications
• See Related Products for Articulating Guide Tubes, Tool Holders and Handle options

Length: 10 ft (3.05m)



iGrab™ Micro Manual FOD Retrieval Tool Kits - 8 Piece Sets

The iGrab™ Micro Manual FOD Retrieval Tool Kit includes various of our smallest grabbers at diameters between 1.4 mm and 3 mm.  Stainless steel, aircraft wire, and a plastic handle are used for construction.   With such a range of tools, FME technicians can quickly figure out how to pick up FOD during FOSAR operations.  Saving downtime in production environments makes our retrieval tools an excellent choice for your immediate needs and future planning purposes. 


Items Included


iGrab Manual Fork and Tine FOD Retrieval Tool
igrab 3mm Micro Alligator FOD retrieval tools open and closed
2.4 Micro Toothed Clam Manual FOD Retrieval Tool-InterTest
iGrab 2.4 mm Cup Forceps Retrieval Tool
iGrab 1.4mm Alligator Retrieval Tool
iGrab 1.4mm Snare Micro Manual FOD Retrieval Tool- InterTest
1.4 mm Three Prong Gripper Retrieval Tool
Four Wire Nitinol Basket FOD Retrieval Tool-InterTest


iGrab™ Manual & Micro Retrieval Tool User Manual


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