Cavitar C350 High FPS Welding Camera System

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• Monochrome
• Plug-and-play, ultra-high clarity weld viewing camera
• Real-time welding adjustments based on the images
• Compact Size (38 x 45 x 99 mm)
• High Resolution (1440 x 1080) pixel sensor
• 200 fps @ full resolution, max 500 fps
• USB3 video output
• Integrated laser lighting system
• Cooling system for high-temperature applications



The Cavitar C350 Welding Camera System incorporates advanced technology and integrated laser illumination to handle the intense light emitted from welding arcs effectively. This system is compact, easy to set up, and versatile, providing a complete solution for weld visualization with adjustable optics suitable for diverse welding applications.

This model offers unique features such as a faster frame rate speed and USB 3.0 output. The Cavitar C400-H and Cavitar C400-H Wide provide a substantial speed of 70 fps at full resolution, while the C350 offers 200 fps. This capability allows for more detailed and precise real-time visualization of welding processes, crucial for quality assurance, welding research applications, and weld education where minute details matter. Utilizing USB3 for data output instead of a GigE bus enhances data transfer speeds and compatibility with modern systems, facilitating smoother real-time monitoring and analysis in industrial settings

The Cavitar Welding Camera delivers clear, high-resolution images of various popular welding techniques such as GMAW (MIG, MAG) and GTAW (TIG). It also handles all major beam welding processes, including CO2 laser, fiber laser, diode laser, Nd: YAG laser, and electron beam techniques.

Use cases include real-time adjustment of welding parameters for automated welding processes such as tube seam welding. At the same time, operators may perform their work at safe distances away from the arc, heat, and dangerous fumes.

The camera's compact design allows it to be implemented into the most challenging and space-restrictive remote applications. Supplied cooling channels and camera housing heat sinks ensure the camera's durability in these harsh environments. 

Adjustable optics allow the camera to be tuned in an application-specific implementation, ensuring it is the right welding camera tool for the job.

Major Differences 

The Cavitar C350 High FPS Welding Camera System offers a faster FPS rate and a USB3 configuration for high-speed weld viewing video content.

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2nd generation compact welding camera for demanding environments with integrated illumination and cooling channels

Main applications

GMAW, TIG, Plasma, Additive Manufacturing, Welding Education, research and design, Robotic?

Signal System




Camera Unit

Max resolution (pixel)

1440 x 1080

Frame rate (fps)(1)

200 fps(2)

Max Frame rate (fps)

500 fps in 2x2 “binning mode”

Working distance (mm)


Field of view (mm2):

working distance 150 mm

28 x 21

working distance 200 mm

40 x 30

working distance 250 mm

51 x 38

working distance 300 mm

62 x 47

Size (WxHxL, mm)

38 x 45 x 99

Weight (g)


Laser Unit


Laser wavelength (nm)


Laser class


Camera interface

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet connector

M12, X-coded

Power & IO connector


Cooling options

Passive: heatsink, heat conduction Active: air, liquid

(1) At full resolution, dependent on computer performance

(2) Up to 500 fps with reduced resolution (720 x 540 px) with a high-speed version having a USB3 interface.

All values are approximated. The design working distance is 200 mm.

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