XBlock® IP67 Tenum LWIR IP Camera

XBlock Vendor Logo SKU: EM19062

• High-performance, cost-effective LWIR camera core
• IP-67 Housing
• 70º, 50°, 25°, and 18° horizontal field-of-view (HFOV) lens options
• H.264 IP Video
• Smallest pixel pitch LWIR available

Lens: f = 5.5mm / 70º HFOV



XBlock® IP67 Tenum LWIR IP Camera

The XBlock® IP67 Tenum 640 thermal IP camera is a cutting-edge, competitively-priced camera core that delivers exceptional imagery inside a plug-and-play, outdoor, IP67-rated housing. Models come with 70º, 50°, 25°, and 18° horizontal field-of-view (HFOV) lens options.

The Microbolometer has a ten μm pixel pitch and <30 mK NETD sensitivity, the Tenum 640 represents the latest evolution in low SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) long-wave infrared technology. The Tenum 640 integrated with the Atomas Mini Dual IP Streaming board and integrated into an IP-67 enclosure harnesses the power of this advanced thermal imager and allows for real-world use cases.

The interface allows for motion detection, APIs for Zoom, image manipulation, and configuring the color LUT(Look Up Table).


Housing Type

Outdoor, IP67 rated

Horizontal Field of Views

70°, 50°, 25°, 18°

Detector Type

Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

Array format

640 x 512

Pixel Pitch

10 μm

Spectral response



60 Hz (9 Hz option available)

Sensitivity (NEdT) @ f/1.0

<50 mK

Sensitivity w/ 3-D noise filter

<30 mK

Analog Video

NTSC/PAL (requires feature board)

Digital Video

14-bit/8-bit LVCMOS or Camera Link®

Communication Interfaces

UART/RS-232; USB 2.0

Image Enhancement

Image Contrast Enhancement (ICETM) with gain and level bias controls

External Sync



24-bit RGB and YUV (4,2,2) Superframe

3-D Noise Filter

User option to enable < 30 mK NETd

Digital Zoom and Pan

Region of Interest, E-zoom from 1X - 4X

Non-Uniformity Correction

1-point with shutter or through lens

Time to First Image

< 3.0 seconds

Input Voltage

3 - 5.5 V Base Configuration 4.5 - 18 V with Feature Board

Operating Temp Range

-40oC to + 50 C




107.3 x 61.2 x 69.4 mm

Power Consumption

3.8 W


Tenum 640 LWIR Data Sheet

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