Sierra Olympia Viento 10 USB-C LWIR Camera

Sierra Olympia Vendor Logo SKU: EM13142 MFG: SL-T5-6604-A50

• High-performance, cost-effective LWIR camera core
• USB 3.0 or GigE Interface
• 50°, 25°, & 18° HFOV lens options
• 60 Hz frame rate, 9 Hz option available
• Smallest pixel pitch LWIR available
• Compact, light, durable, versatile
• IP-67 Housings Available

Lens: f = 7.7mm / 50° HFOV



Sierra Olympia Viento 10 USB-C LWIR Camera

The Sierra Olympia Viento 10 USB-C Long Wave IR thermal camera is a cutting-edge, industry-standardized IR camera ready for integration into a finished product, whether on its own or coupled with a Visible Spectrum Camera such as the Sony FCB-EV7520.

The Viento 10 USB-C LWIR Camera is an easy-to-integrate infrared camera with a small form factor, 640 x 512 VGA resolution, and a 60 Hz frame thermal imager. This leads to smaller, lighter, and more affordable optics for this size thermal camera.

Ready to integrate into both USB or GigE, this camera is proven in traffic monitoring, fixed and aerial surveillance (both human-piloted and drones), law enforcement, agriculture, and fire detection applications. The camera comes in 3 different lens options (50°, 25°, & 18° horizontal field-of-views) on other plug-and-play options.


Lens 7.7 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm
Horizontal Field of View 50°, 25°, 18°

Detector Type

Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

Array format

640 x 512

Pixel Pitch

10 μm

Spectral response


Frame rate

60 Hz (9 Hz option available)

Sensitivity (NEdT) @ f/1.0

<60 mK

Sensitivity w/ 3-D noise filter

<30 mK

Digital Video

USB3.0 UVC or GigE Vision® 2.0
14-bit/8-bit LVCMOS or
Camera Link® available

Camera control USB3.0 UVC or GigE Vision 2.0

Communication Interfaces

UART/RS-232; USB 2.0

Image Enhancement

Image Contrast Enhancement (ICETM) with gain and level bias controls

External Sync


3-D Noise Filter

User option to enable < 30 mK NETd

Custom lens calibration

Up to 5 available NUC tables for
additional lens or temperature

Non-Uniformity Correction

1-point with shutter or through lens

Power Supply USB Via USB
Power Supply GigE PoE
Power dissipation USB 2.0 W
Power dissipation GigE 4.6 W
Lens sealing IP67

Operating Temp Range

-40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)


Sierra Olympia Viento-10 Data Sheet

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