Intertest, Inc. and Cavitar Ltd. Partner in Weld Inspection Divisions

InterTest, Inc. and Cavitar Ltd., an international pioneer of diode laser illumination technology, announce their strategic partnership to bolster their in-demand weld viewing technology divisions. The agreement will increase Cavitar Welding Camera production and bring together the unique Cavitar Welding Camera technology to InterTest's high-priority customer base of weld quality assurance and inspection groups within North American manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries.   


"The Cavitar Welding Camera produces the clearest and most dynamic live welding imaging we have ever seen," said Thomas Daly, president and owner of InterTest, Inc. "This technology, along with our distribution channels, experience, and support, will allow customers to view more welding applications and increase their productivity by reducing manufacturing scrap and human risk. "

 Cavitar C400-H Welding Camera System
Image: The Cavitar Welding Camera System 

Cavitar Ltd., based in Tampere, Finland, developed the groundbreaking Cavitar Welding Camera to expand and improve welders' applications and solutions. The camera uses proprietary bandpass filtering and laser illumination, allowing users to see through the bright welding arc in real time. It produces a clear image of the welding torch, puddle, and base metals so operators can monitor, record, and adjust their welding process from a distance reducing human safety risk and costly scrap on long automated production runs. 

"Cavitar strives to change the world of visual weld monitoring with the Cavitar Welding Camera," said Dr. Taito Alahautala, CEO of Cavitar Ltd. "Partnering with InterTest, Inc., with their technical expertise, professionalism, and experience in the welding domain, will help us reach our vision: a better world with safer welds, better allocation of resources, and more engaging educational content." 

With more than 40 years of RVI experience, InterTest, Inc. provides visual solutions for industrial inspection and retrieval applications in aerospace, manufacturing, power generation, and video surveillance industries.  They partner with Fortune 500 image technology companies like Canon and Sony (the leading North American Authorized Systems Integrator for Sony Visual Imaging). InterTest focuses on tomorrow's visual solutions through continual technology development and strategic partnerships.