Canon Medical JCT-TF7G 3 CMOS Global Shuter Camera Link

Cannon Medical Vendor Logo SKU: EM14531 MFG: JCT-TF7G

• 1/2.8” progressive-scan color CMOS sensor
• HDMI 1080p / 1080i output at 59.94Hz
• USB 3.0 1080p output at 59.94 fps maximum
• Simultaneous live view and USB output
• Ultra-compact (approx 1.75” x 1.75” x 3”)
• C-mount lens mount
• Digital crosshair lines



Canon Medical JCT-TF7G 3 CMOS Global Shuter Camera Link

The Canon Medical JCT-TF7G features a 3-CMOS prism block providing accurate colors and high resolution of fast-moving objects for various process controls, inspection, and machine vision applications.  New and improved designs expand digital processing capabilities, including electronic noise reduction, auto mode electronic shutter, partial scan frame rates up to 250 fps, Power over Camera Link®(PoCL), and reduced power requirements.



Scanning System  Progressive

Image Sensor

 3 x 1/3" CMOS, RGB prism

Effective Pixels  XGA (1024 x 768)

Lens Mount


Output Resolution

 H 1034 x V 779
Pixel Size  4.65µm x 4.65µm

Sensing Area H V

 4.8 x 3.6 mm

Framing Rate

 29.18 fps
Partial Scanning  90fps (175 lines)
 80fps (211 lines)
 70fps (259 lines)
 60fps (322 lines)
 50fps (412 lines)
 42fps (512 lines)
 40fps (542 lines)
 Off (30) (768 lines)
Pixel Clock Frequency  29.5 MHz
Sync Signal Frequency  H 23.229 kHz V 29.18 kHz
Horizontal Resolution  760 TV Lines
Output Signal  8-bit Digital RGB Camera Link®
Sync Signal Output FVAL/LVAL/DVAL (positive polarity) Pixel Clock
External Sync Input HD: CC3 VD: CC4 (LVDS input) Neg polarity
External Trigger Input CC1 (LVDS input) More than 2µs pulse width
Partial Scanning Control CC2 (LVDS input)
S/N Ratio 56 dB
Sensitivity F6.8 Standard (2,000 Lux, 3,000K)
Noise Reduction On / Off
Minimum Illumination 14 Lx (f2.2 +18dB, 3,000K)

Power requirements

12 VDC±10% PoCL® or DC Connector


0°C ~ + 40°C (32°F ~ +104°F) operating

-20°C ~ + 60°C (-4°F ~ +140°F) non-operating

Humidity 90° or less non-condensing

Dimensions W H D

44 x 44 x 78 mm 1.73 x 1.73 x 3.07"
Weight  158 g (0.35 lbs)


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