Canon Medical SV-2000 0.89 mm x 1.9 m Video Probe - SV-2H03X

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• 0.89 mm diameter
• 1.9 m length



Canon Medical SV-2000 0.89 mm x 1.2 m Video Probe - SV-2H03X

The Canon Medical SV-2000 0.89 mm x 1.9 m Video Probe supports medical device inspection with some of the smallest diameter CMOS video borescopes on the market. At 0.89 mm diameter, an astonishing 120-degree field-of-view image, fiber optic lighting, and advanced image processing, this SV-2000 video probe is a leading inspection tool for finely-machined, manufactured medical components. in delicate catheters, medical tubing, and pacemaker components. 


EM18418 - SV-2H03X Probe
Scope assembly diameter 0.89 mm
Scope sheath length tip-to-handle mount 1.9 m
Cable length handle mount to CCU 2.0 m
Total cable and sheath length, tip to CCU 3.9 m
LED location  Handle mount
Illumination LED coupled glass fiber bundle
Sensor Type CMOS Progressive
Sensor Size (optical format) 0.64 x 0.64  (1/36")
Pixel matrix 400 x 400
Electronic shutter Rolling
FOV - field of view 120°
Depth of focus 3 to 30 mm
Magnification (depends on viewing distance) up to 12x
F-number f 2.8
Focal length 0.175 mm
Water resistance rating IPX7
Camera head/handle mounting 1/4 - 20 threaded socket
Handle dimensions 85 x 44 x 39 mm (3.3 x 1.7 x 1.5")


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