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HD Basketball Instant Replay Camera with Tilt and Non-Slip Mount

InterTest Engineering Capabilities
•An HD Camera with HD-SDI output
•Custom non-slip device to prevent loss of prime viewing position
• Motorized tilting mechanism




HD Basketball Instant Replay Camera

Our client requested a camera to use for instant replays of shots made during a basketball court. The current camera is mounted on the baskeball backboard and is losing position and slipping due to the repeated hits by the ball on the backboard. InterTest was asked to engineer a solution that would eliminate the slipping and be durable while still providing quality replay footage. Cameras are located in 2 positions around the 3-point line.


 The camera would need a custom-built mount with a non-slip device to prevent loss of prime positioning. This solution would also require an HD Camera with HD-SDI output on a motorized tilting mechanism for instant replays for the referee's use.  


Our engineers mounted an indoor XBlock HD 6300 with HD-SDI output onto a custom motorized tilting mechanism with a non-slip built-in device.

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