iGrab™ Complete Professional FOD Retrieval Tool Kit

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• Complete FOD removal and FOSAR Retrieval Tool Kit
• Motorized and Non-Motorized Tools
• Stainless 303 Components
• Waterproof to 100 ft



iGrab™ Complete Professional FOD Retrieval Tool Kit

The iGrab™ Complete Professional FOD Retrieval Tool Kit provides numerous options for the retrieval of foreign objects in hard-to-access areas. Any operator or facility equipped with the Complete Professional FOD Retrieval Tool kit can immediately respond to a retrieval operation that is causing disruption in mechanical, system, or plant operation.

The RT-750 Electro Mechanical Tool portion of the kit is a heavy-duty motorized, mechanical gripper with a closing force of greater than 20 lbs at 30 degrees closure.  With a variety of detachable jaw sets like the Sample Cup, Viper, Plier Jaw and Fork & Tine, a FME operator can grasp almost any object in need of retrieval. The tool attaches to the end of interlocking, fiber-glass push pole sets for operator-friendly handling. Push poles come in sets of 10 units at the diameters of 3/16", 5/16", and 3/8". End adapters and knuckle joints can be used for further manipulation of the RT-750.  Non-motorized grabbing solutions are also included in the kit as well.  Two sizes of J hooks, magnets, and snares are supplied for dislodging, ensnaring, and capturing objects in need of retrieval. All retrieval tool components fit neatly into a durable locking hard case.  Push poles are stored in a canvas quiver with a shoulder strap.

Items Included

  • RT-750 Electro Mechanical Tool, Control Unit, and 100 ft Cable
  • Set of 4 Jaw Sets: Viper, Pliers, Fork & Tine, Sampling Cup
  • Set of 2 Hooks
  • Set of 2 Magnets: 0.69" and 1.25" in case
  • Set of 2 Snares: 1" and 0.8" Push Pole Snares
  • Adjustable Knuckle Joint
  • Coupling Flexible Spring
  • Coupling Flexible Push Pole
  • "T" Style Handle for Push Poles
  • Push Poles Included in Quiver
  • Quantity of 10: 3/16" Diameter x 5 ft push Pole Section, Light Duty
  • Quantity of 10: 5/16" Diameter x 5 ft push Pole Section, Medium/Heavy Duty
  • Quantity of 10: 3/8" Diameter x 5 ft push Pole Section, Heavy Duty


RT-750 ElectroMechanical Grabber

Outer Diameter 



300 Stainless Steel

Jaw Sets Sample Cup, Viper, Plier Jaw and Fork & Tine

Mounting Options

Push-pole receptacle / 1/4-20 thread

Closure Force

Greater than 20 lbs at 30 degrees


Rated to 100 FT depth

Cable 100 ft

Control Unit

Requires 8 AA batteries

Non-Motorized Retrieval Tools each tool has a push pole receptacle
Handle "T" Style Handle for Push Poles
Fiber Glass Push-Poles 3/16", 5/16", 3/8" diameter (10 each)
Stainless Steel J-hooks 1" and 2.4" diameter
Large Snare 1" ball with 3/32" aircraft wire
Small Snare 0.8" ball with 1/16" aircraft wire
Adjustable Knuckle Joint Pivots ~270 degrees
Coupling Flexible Spring High tension adapter
Coupling Flexible Push Pole Low tension adapter

Shipping Weight Package 1

38 lbs

Shipping Dimensions Package 1

11" x 11" x 66"

Shipping Weight Package 2

18 lbs

Shipping Dimensions Package 2

22" x 16" x 6"



iGrab Professional FOD Retrieval Tool Kit User Manual

iGrab RT-750 Information Sheet

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