In the World Series Starting Line up, DIRTCAM, A Specialty POV Camera Custom Engineered for Inertia Unlimited


InterTest Engineering Capabilities
•Smallest HD cameras to hit the broadcast sports circuit at the 2014 World Series
•DirtCam will capture a worm-eye view at home plate
• Modified version of the Sony FCB-H11 with a 0.155-inch (3.9mm) pedestal and rugged waterproof housing




Intertia Unlimited a sports broadcasting company, requested a unique point-of-view camera that would capture a unique perspective of the bases for the 2014 World Series.


The camera had to be small enough to avoid attention or potentially disrupt the game, as well as durable enough to withstand the various abrasive elements it would encounter.


The InterTest solution was one of the smallest HD cameras to hit the broadcast sports circuit, called DirtCam. DirtCam is a modified version of the Sony FCB-H11 (Sony FCB Legacy ) with a pedestal measuring only 0.155 inches (3.9mm) from the base surface and is enclosed in a rugged, waterproof housing. The overall camera head measures 0.200 x 0.230 inches (5mm x 5.8mm). DirtCam was then placed in front of the home plate at the edge of the grass and dirt to capture the action by providing a unique perspective of a worm-eye view for the fans watching from home.

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