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Inspection Camera for Liquid Container’s Concealed Interior


InterTest Engineering Capabilities
• Inspect the enclosed interior of 55-gallon drums with a small area for entrance into the drum (1-1/4")
• Low light camera integration to improve light sensitivity
• Ability to look back and the underside of the entrance point



Inspection Camera for Liquid Containers

The customer came to us with a specific request to inspect the enclosed interior of 55-gallon drums used for mixing fluids. After the drums are used they require complete inspection to ensure the interior is free of residue as well as check the integrity of the welded joints.  


The surface area is relatively large for an inspection with a small area for entrance into the drum. (1-1/4")  In the past, the customer used video probes, however, this increased the length of the inspection considerably due to the smaller field of view as well as the lack of light intensity.  Other drawbacks when using a video probe include the likelihood of damaging the equipment increasing due to their robust nature leading to a very expensive to repair. Finding a solution that would not interrupt the sequential process was imperative to this product design. 


The InterTest solution was to modify the former iShot Handi-wand and ruggedize the connector. Our engineers altered the shape of our product’s wand section to allow the head of the unit to look back on its own handle, providing the ability to look at the underside of the entrance portal. The customer wanted to keep the tool hanging from the ceiling so it was accessible in line with their process, so we incorporated a retractable ceiling mount to obtain easy access to the camera wand. The monitors were attached to the wall making the Handi-Wand a convenient inspection system that was almost native to their facility. 

Our customer is still using the product and has been successful. The customer has saved nearly 30,000 dollars on every system they have purchased. Additionally, they, have been able to continue to do their inspections faster and with less damage than in the past.

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