iShot® Inflection Steerable Video Borescope System

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• Durable, flexible, and steerable borescope shafts with no pull wires
• Smallest diameter articulating borescope on the market
• 400 x 400 px resolution
• 360-degree articulation range
• Forward direction of view
• Integrated LED illumination

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iShot® Inflection Video Borescope Tablet
iShot® Inflection Video Borescope Tablet
Length: 0.245 m (9.65 in)



The iShot® Inflection Steerable Video Borescope System is the smallest articulating video borescope on the market. At only 1.15 mm in diameter, the iShot® Inflection has an extraordinary articulation range of 360 degrees—more than enough to look backward on itself and internal component targets. This ability allows video borescope inspections in hard-to-reach parts passages with tight twists and bends across various applications and industries, including aerospace/aviation, power generation, and petrochemicals.

The iShot® Inflection's innovative articulation design enhances control and agility without using mechanical pull wires. The extreme articulation allows complete inspection of intricate parts and components for the highest quality assurance standard. The Inflection's mobility does not sacrifice durability, as this video borescope shaft is built for industrial inspections. 

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Diameter 1.15 mm
Articulation Range 360 degrees 
Field of View 120 degrees
Direction of View Forward (0 degrees)
Depth of Field 2 mm - ∞
IP Rating IPX7 rating for shaft, IPX4 for handle, up to IPX68 for electrical connector
Display Integrated, 10" class touchscreen
Touchscreen format Capacitive
Output Switchable HDMI, USB 3.0 (UVC)
Output frame rate 30 fps
PC required for use No
Recorded image formats .PNG stills, MPEG4 clips
Image record Image capture, review, annotation, export/import USB media
Key functions

Auto/Manual brightness 

Magic Light ROI brightness control

white balance, calibration

Water resistance rating None
CCU dimensions 251 x 48 x 206 mm (9.9 x 1.9  x 8.1") 
CCU weight 1.25 kg (2.8 lbs)
Mounting VESA 75, internal kickstand
Power input 12V DC, 0.6A
Environmental Operating temperature: 10 ° to 35 °C Humidity: up to 75% non-condensing Storage temperature: -20 ° to 70 °C
Included accessories 12V DC power adapter 6’ HDMI cable 6’ USB 3.0 cable type A to type B USB media FAT32 16GB minimum


iShot® Inflection Video Borescope Product Brief

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