XtendaCam® RT-1000 Accessory

XtendaCam Brand Logo SKU: EM14911

• 1" outer diameter
• For use with XtendaCam® Series
• Includes Snubber Jaw Sets
• Stainless steel construction



iShot® XtendaCam® RT-1000 Accessory

This version of the iGrab RT-1000 Electro Mechanical Retrieval Tool Kit includes extra hardware for mounting with the XtendaCam® Camera Series.

The iGrab™ RT-1000 FOSAR Electro Mechanical Retrieval Tool Kit provides solutions for retrieval of foreign objects in hard-to-access areas. The powerful jaws of the RT-1000 Retrieval Tool Kit has 50lbs of closing force at 30 degrees, allowing the tool to retrieve large objects of many sizes. Retrieve large and various-sized objects in harsh power generation environments to avoid long shut downs.

The variety of detachable jaw sets, Sampling Cups, Fork & Tine, Gripping Plier, and Viper, are built to grasp almost any object in need of retrieval. The RT-1000 has 1/4-20 mount and push pole attachment options for operator-friendly movement and tool manipulation.   Any operator or facility equipped with the iGrab™ RT-1000 FOSAR Electro Mechanical Retrieval Tool Kit can immediately respond to a retrieval operation that is causing disruption in mechanical, system or plant operation.


Outer Diameter 1.0" outer diameter
Material 300 Stainless Steel
Mounting 1/4-20 mount
Closing Force 50 lbs at 30 degrees
Cable Length 100 ft
Waterproof up to 100 ft
Shipping Weight 15 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 22" x 16" x 6"



101800_1.063_ (131.47 kB)

retr_tool_1000 (1.07 MB)

RT1000_Grip_Strength_Test1 (451.46 kB)

RT-1000_Center_of_Mass (69.72 kB)

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