Portable and Maneuverable Monitoring Camera for Machining Operation of Aircraft Engine Shrouds


InterTest Engineering Capabilities
•Ability to focus the ruggedized camera while wearing operating gloves
• Magnetic and vice mounting accessories
• Illumination source for better quality viewing



Aviation Maneuverable Monitoring Camera

An aviation manufacturer required a camera system for a machine guarding application. The operator doing the machining typically uses the naked eye to look into the part to perform the rework on the component they were trying to refurbish. The customer wanted a camera with the ability to focus the ruggedized camera while wearing operating gloves, magnetic and vice mounting accessories, and illumination.


A camera that can be focused while wearing gloves and without disassembling the ruggedized housing, attached to a flexible metal gooseneck that allows the customer to easily change the orientation of the camera and target of focus. The magnetic base allows for placement adjustment almost anywhere on the machine.

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