SandCam Views and Classifies Microscopic Sand Grains

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Classification of grain size for civil engineering or geological survey was often determined by retrieval of a sample and performing a sieve analysis (or gradation test).  This method is slow and requires care in the selection of samples and their handling during test.  The US Geological Survey has a patented method of classification that performs classification by visual method. [US 6,680,795; Henry Chezar and David Rubin, Underwater Microscope System].  Dave Rubin asked InterTest to make a video based device that would be suitable for submerged use in fresh and seawater at depths up to 200’.  The result is SandCam.


SandCam is a high resolution water proof contact video microscope. Designed for 200' depth in sea water, the rugged Stainless Steel camera housing contains a camera, lens and lighting. It provides a high magnification and high resolution CCTV image of material that is in contact with the viewing port. Used in conjunction with patented USGS software it can classify sedimentary samples on contact. SandCam accessories include a 200' reinforced cable on slip ring reel, strain relief hardware, and hard point connections for weights. Battery pack available upon request. 

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