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SandCam Views and Classifies Microscopic Sand Grains


InterTest Engineering Capabilities
•High-resolution waterproof contact video microscope
•Classify sedimentary samples on contact
•200' reinforced cable on a slip ring reel, strain relief hardware, hard point connections for weights




Classification of grain size for civil engineering or geological survey was often determined by retrieval of a sample and performing a sieve analysis (or gradation test).  This method is slow and requires care in the selection of samples and their handling during testing. Dave Rubin asked InterTest to make a video-based device that would be suitable for submerged use in fresh and seawater at depths up to 200’.  The result is SandCam. 



SandCam is a high-resolution waterproof contact video microscope. Designed for 200' depth in seawater, the rugged Stainless Steel camera housing contains a camera, lens, and lighting. It provides a high magnification and high-resolution CCTV image of material that is in contact with the viewing port. Used in conjunction with patented USGS software it can classify sedimentary samples on contact. SandCam accessories include a 200' reinforced cable on a slip ring reel, strain relief hardware, and hard point connections for weights. Battery pack available upon request. 

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