SeeUV® PoleCam HD Cart Inspection System

SKU: EM16409

The SeeUV® PoleCam HD Cart System is a White and UV HD Camera Inspection System. At 1” diameter it is our smallest ultraviolet and white light visual inspection and bore examination systems (VIBES). The  SeeUV® PoleCam HD Cart system combine a high-definition color camera with robust positioning hardware. An operator can conduct on-the-spot white light, magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant inspections of intricate components with minimal fixturing.

Many features enhance VIBES system performance and versatility these include:
Generous Movement Envelope Controlled by either hand or with optional motors, the camera boom travels 51 inches* horizontally and 16 inches* vertically. Ergonomically friendly, the SeeUV® PoleCam HD Cart System speeds inspections by making it easy for the inspector to view steady images while scanning surfaces.

An operator can conduct Ultraviolet and/or white light inspections typical of magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant tests of hard-to-reach component internals such as shafts IDs and other components with 1” straight line access.

Illumination Control

The SeeUV® PoleCam HD 1000 Cart system is designed with independent white and UV illumination capability. Intensity is controlled separately and operation can be simultaneous. The white and UV illumination is uniform across the field of view with 365 nm peak UV intensity. UV and White lighting meet or exceed requirements for fluorescent inspections.

High Quality, Robust System with Remote Focus CMOS Camera

The SeeUV® PoleCam HD 1000 Cart System uses a high definition 1/6 CMOS 2MP image sensor housed in a robust pole with 5 optical adapters providing multiple angles of view and magnifications. The camera can capture color video & still images with resolutions of 1080/30P, 720/60P or VGA/120. The system uses remote focus to ensure crisp, high-resolution video images. Quick tool-less change of optical adapters adds to the system’s versatility while providing optimum views of contoured surfaces.

Video output is DVI 1080/30 fps, 720/60 or USB 1080/30, 720/60, and VGA/120 fps.

• *Alternate travel values available.

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