Visible Welding® WeldWatch® HD Weld Camera Kit

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• High-quality imaging for GMAW, GTAW, and Laser welding
• Color images with resolutions up to 1280x1024
• Built-in Lens with 3x optical zoom
• No optical filters required



Visible Welding® WeldWatch® HD Weld Camera Kit

The Visible Welding® WeldWatch® Weld Camera Kit is designed to enhance weld training and quality assurance for live arc weld viewing. The WeldWatch® uses an ultra-dynamic range (UDR) 3x zoom camera inside a rugged housing and powerful computing software to produce a clear image of live welding.  The welding torch/tip, base metal, grove, and puddle appear on any HD monitor or screen, ensuring proper technique, angles, alignment, and torch/part speed. The camera is used in industries such as welding/fabrication, general manufacturing, and welding education.

Beyond live weld viewing, an operator can easily record video and still images for analysis, email, or archiving. With a UDR of over 10,000,000:1, the camera captures the welding process and part without filters.

The UDR feature of the camera is the key to producing clear and useful welding images. A welding arc can be a million times brighter than the surrounding metal, far exceeding high-end industrial and specialty cameras' capabilities. The Visible Welding® WeldWatch® HD reaches UDR levels by combining the camera's high dynamic range log sensor with powerful digital signal computer processing. Together they produce dynamic live welding images making the Visible Welding® WeldWatch® Weld Camera Kit an essential welding education and quality assurance tool.



  • Full Color, resolutions up to 1280x1024
  • 140 dB dynamic range (10,000,000:1)
  • 30 fps (frames-per-second) at 1280x800
  • Built-in Lens with optical zoom
  • No optical filters required

Factory ready

  • No need for cooling at room temperature operation
  • Air-cooling capabilities for ambient temperatures up to 212º F (100º C)  
  • Bright LED for targeting
  • USB-3 Connection for power and communication
  • Compact size 2” x 3” x 4.7” (50 mm x 75 x 120 )

WeldWatch® PC Software 

  • Low Latency Digital Image Processing
  • Proprietary Log Rendering
  • Rotate, flip the image
  • Integrated Recording and Playback
  • Digital zoom 1x – 10x (1x to 30x total)


Resolution Up to 1280 x 1024 px

Frames per second

30 fps at 1280 x 800 px
Dynamic Range 140 dB (10,000,000 : 1)
Zoom Optical zoom 3x, Digital zoom 10x
Focus distance to object range 9 - 50 inches
Field of view 41º (horizontal - wide), 12º (horizontal - narrow)
Focus Remote
Iris Automatic, f/2.5
Weight 680 g
Dimensions 2" x 3" x 4.7" (50 x 75 x 120 mm)
Computer Software
Auto-recording Triggered by arc-light, starts recording 2 sec before and after arc
Video file format AVI or MPEG
Playback Fast, slow, single-step, forwards/reverse
PC Requirements Intel i5 processor or above, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10

Items Included


WeldWatch® HD Weld Camera Software Manual

WeldWatch® HD Camera Data Sheet 

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