VISIOPROBE VP45X Pan Tilt Camera Head - 45 mm OD Stainless Steel

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• 45 mm OD
• Pan 360°, Tilt 110°
• Stainless Steel 304L housing
• Focus Range 5mm to ∞
• 80° Field of view (wide)
• 24 White LEDs
• Waterproof (up to 2 atms/bars)

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VISIOPROBE VP45X Pan Tilt Camera Head - 45 mm OD Stainless Steel

The VISIOPROBE VP45X Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Head - 45 mm OD is a stainless steel pan & tilt camera with a wide 80 degrees field of view. Other features include a 1/4" color sensor, a panning range of +/- 360 degrees, and a tilting range of +/- 110 degrees. The fixed focus range is from 5mm to infinity with an 80-degree FOV. Twenty-four ultra-bright white LEDs with intensity control illuminate the darkest inspection areas. Its sapphire glass and 304L stainless steel housing provides ample camera protection and can withstand water depths of up to 2 atmospheres/bars pressure.

The camera measures 141 mm long and weighs 0.9 kg.


 EM# Product
EM31566 VISIOPROBE VPBAT400 Battery Pack - for VPBAI400 Video Control Unit
EM31567 VISIOPROBE VPSTATION Battery Recharging Station
EM31561 VISIOPROBE VPCAP Anti-Glare Sunshade
EM31565 VISIOPROBE VPALIM400 Power Supply 36W / 24V - w/ International Adaptor
EM31563 VISIOPROBE VPPER-ROTULE Aluminum Ball Head - for Telescopic Poles
EM31560 VISIOPROBE VPCENF28 39.8 mm Centering Sleeve - for VPF28
EM31553 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45H160 / H300 Nylon Centering Hedgehog
EM31552 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45P 200 mm Centering Sleeve - Star Shaped
EM31551 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45 METAL 70 mm Centering Sleeve w/ Metal Ring
EM31550 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45DOUBLE-125R 125 mm Centering Sleeve - w/ Wheels
EM31544 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45DOUBLE Centering Sleeve - No Bends
EM31549 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45DOUBLE-150 Centering Sleeve- No Bends
EM31543 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45 Centering Sleeve
EM31564 VISIOPROBE VPCHA400 NiMh Battery Charger 24V


Poles & Reels

EM# Product
EM31541 VISIOPROBE VPDEV50s Reel for Flexible Cable - Reel Only
EM31540 VISIOPROBE VPDEV30 Reel Pushrod Cable - 30 meters
EM31531 VISIOPROBE VPPERCARBONE15 Carbon Fiber Pole - 1.5 meters
EM31532 VISIOPROBE VPPERCARBONE27 Carbon Fiber Pole - 2.7 meters
EM31533 VISIOPROBE VPPERCARBONE56 Carbon Fiber Pole - 5.6 meters


Carrying Cases

EM# Product
EM31216 VISIOPROBE VPVAL Shock-Proof Square Case
EM31458 VISIOPROBE VPETUIM Rugged Carrying Case for 2.7-meter Poles
EM31449 VISIOPROBE VPETUIF Rugged Carrying Case for 5.6-meter Poles


Camera Head

Outer Diameter 45 mm
Pan Range 360° infinitely   
Tilt Range -110° to +110°
Optical Zoom None
Image Sensor 1/4" CMOS 1080p
Resolution 640 x 480 px
Video output PAL
Focus/Depth of Field f = 2.6mm, 5mm - infinity adjustable
Field of View 80°
Shutter Auto/Manual
Lens Cover Sapphire glass
Light Sensitivity N/A
Aux Lighting/Intensity 24 white LEDs/3760 lux @ 70 mm distance
Water Resistance 2 bars/atms
Operating Temperature -30° to 65°C
Material 304L Stain steel
Weight 0.9 kg (2.0 lbs)
Length 141 mm



VISIOPROBE VP45X Stainless Steel Specification Sheet

VISIOPROBE Camera Comparison Sheet 

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