XBlock® Desktop Camera Control Box

XBlock Vendor Logo SKU: EM17131

• Compatible with Sony FCB-EV, EH, SE, EX-E and EX-F Series Cameras



XBlock® Desktop Camera Control Box

The Xblock Desktop Camera Control Box is designed for the Legacy Sony® FCB-EV Series, FCB-EX Series, and FCB-IX Block Cameras. It allows for control of Auto Exposure, Auto Focus, Shutter, Iris, Zoom, and Manual Focus. This camera control unit can be connected to the Camera through RS-232 COMM for seamless operation.

The XBlock® brand combines the power of the SD, HD, and 4K Sony Block Cameras into indoor and outdoor housings intended for broadcast systems, surveillance and security systems, machine vision, and robot vision. The XBlock® housings offer protection for a camera against a variety of environmental hazards (i.e. radiation, water, and high-temperature).
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