Zibra Milliscope HDX Videoprobe System

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• Modular platform design allows for multiple
scope configurations (HDV, HDF, or HDX)
• 2.5 mm diameter
• 2-way articulation
• Small diameter scope with tungsten-braided shaft
• 400 x 400 pixel video output via HDMI
• Image and video capture on removable drive
• On-screen display includes saved image gallery

Length: 1000 mm
Direction of View (DOV):



Zibra Milliscope HDX Videoprobe System

The Zibra Milliscope HDX is a 2.5 mm diameter, high-resolution videoscope product with 2-way articulation. The HDX interfaces with the Milliscope HD Base Unit and allows remote visual inspection in small, precision parts. A miniature 160,000-pixel CMOS image sensor combined with high-performance optics provides superb picture quality in 2.5 mm diameter, 0 or 90-degree directions of view, and 1.0 and 1.5-meter lengths. All Milliscope HDX probes are rugged and designed to withstand the harshest inspection environments. 


Camera Sensor CMOS
160,000 px (400 x 400)
Video Output HDMI
Scope Diameters 2.5 mm
Scope Lengths 1000 or 1500 mm 
Directions of View 0° & 90° (product specific)
Articulation 2-way
Field of View 120°
Depth of Focus 3 - 50 mm depth of focus for direct view, 1 - 30 mm for side view
Shaft Specifications Sealed monocoil / Tungsten braid



Zibra Milliscope HD Manual

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