Canon logo with array of Canon Medical Cameras

You may have heard that “Toshiba cameras are no more,” but that is not entirely accurate. If you have a continued need for the replacement and repair of Toshiba cameras and components, then you may have been concerned with some of the recent developments surrounding the Toshiba Corporation. The cameras are no longer "Toshiba" but they are here to stay.

Canon Medical USA, Inc. has completed its acquisition of the Video Sensing Division (VSD) of Toshiba America Information Systems and VSD is now a Canon Company. This final step in the process is merely a formality in a plan two years in the making. Globally, Toshiba’s video camera business has already been a part of Canon Medical for over two years and this change on-paper does not negatively affect the camera supply or quality of the products sold.

InterTest, Inc. Vice President Tom Daly shared this update, “The Toshiba name may surprisingly be a thing of the past with regard to micro cameras, however the quality and reliable equipment you are accustomed to lives on with Canon. Our team at InterTest is excited to have a partnership with Canon that will allow for the continued sale and improved support of these formerly-Toshiba products.”


What does this mean for longstanding Toshiba users?

  • A name change to an equally recognizable company with improved service and support by the U.S. based Canon Medical organization in business for over 100 years.
  • The cameras as you know them remain available.


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