new ownership, new president, innovation

After 40 Years of continuous innovation and business, InterTest, Inc. looks to the future with its new owner and president Thomas F. Daly.

At the end of 2021, William J. Habermann (Bill), founder, partner and long-time President of InterTest, Inc., officially announced the transfer of ownership of the company to his business partner of 30+ years, Thomas F. Daly.

“Tom’s in-depth experience with InterTest’s customers, operations, and product development makes him uniquely suited to take the reins,” said Bill of his long-time business partner. “InterTest’s customers will continue to see world class service, support, and innovation under his direction. I and the entire staff wish Tom success and are working hard to ensure it.”

As of December 13, 2021, Tom became the sole owner and President of InterTest, Inc. Tom started his career in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) product sales in the southeastern region of the United States before joining InterTest in 1990. In his 31-year career at InterTest, Tom acquired in-depth knowledge of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and NDT products. He has been responsible for creating long-term business relationships with customers and various remote visual and camera product lines that has brought InterTest to record-breaking performance over the past 5 years.

Looking ahead, Tom leads InterTest, Inc. into a future of growth in products and business relationships by continuing to provide customers with valuable industry-leading visual inspection solutions.

InterTest, Inc. provides visual inspection products & services to the aerospace/aviation, power generation, defense and general manufacturing industries across the globe. With engineering, production and distribution channels located in Columbia, NJ and with offices across North America, InterTest, Inc. remains a global presence and innovative force in RVI/NDT for over 40 years.