The InterTest Block Camera Integration Story

With a little engineering ingenuity and a lot of expertise, we'll help you transform your block camera into the perfect visual solution. 

In our industry, it’s so often that a camera’s true beauty lies within its application. When it comes to our suite of block cameras, this couldn’t ring more true. You see, out of the box these cameras cannot even be turned on – let alone perform in any application. It takes engineering ingenuity and expert integration with other component solutions (interface boards, housings, custom designs, other accessories, etc.) for their true beauty to be revealed.

With such an awesome reach across diverse applications and capabilities, opportunities are limitless. Each application creates its own integration story, let us show you:

At InterTest, we pride ourselves on delivering visual solutions that help you make the most out of your block camera. We can collaborate with your engineering team – or handle every aspect of the design and integration ourselves, so you won’t have to. Whatever your concept, we will help you bring it to reality!

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