Illumination Innovation

Meet these state-of-the-art compact and lightweight industrial UV light source kits featuring solid-state illumination technology and distinct optical design.\

The innovation of light throughout history tells a beautiful story. From candles to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting; the continual series of small improvements on ideas of previous inventors throughout time drove the evolution of light sources used in the home.

In the industrial world, we’re tasked to illuminate target areas in need of detailed examination. Likewise, this responsibility demands continuous innovation to redefine efficiency, portability and heavy duty illumination.

Meet the iShot® UV-LED and UV/White LED Light Source Kits. These kits combine state-of-the-art, solid-state illumination technology with distinct optical design to create a compact and lightweight UV light source for industrial applications where space is a premium.

Redefine the light source kit that meets your application and project budget:


  • Compact – Optimal, cutting edge design with a small footprint
  • Long LED Life – Draws low power and has an average life rated at 10,000+ hours without lamp change
  • Plug & Play – Ready-to-use kits are “instant-on” with no warm-up required and include a power cord, power supply and light guide receptacle
  • Certified Compliance – Certified in compliance with following EMC and safety specs: UL/EN/CSA 61010, IEC 61347, IEC 62471 and CE