Discover InterTest's Wide Range of Sony® Authorized Professional Cameras and Imaging Technology Solutions for Global Integration and Plug-and-Play Applications. As a Sony Authorized System Integrator, InterTest offers the latest Sony FCB Block Cameras with interface board kits that facilitate integration into many OEM capabilities and bring to life the hardest-to-see applications. 

FCB Block Cameras

  • Powerful Optical Zoom 
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Image Stabilization
  • 4K or Full HD resolution 
  • OEM Integration Capabilities By InterTest, Inc. 
  • InterTest, Inc. is an authorized system integrator for Sony® FCB Block Cameras

Pro-Series Alpha (α) Cameras

  • Purposely Built for UAV Integration (Sony® ILX-LR1)
  • Light Weight > 300g
  • Unrivaled Mirrorless Camera Technology
  • Full SDK Support
  • Unparalleled Video Quality with Industry-Leading Frame Rates, Auto-Focus, and High-Quality E-Mount Lenses
  • Sony® Pro-Series cameras offer a stellar photography and videography experience

Machine Vision

  • High-quality GigE Vision Cameras with Global Shutter CMOS Sensors in Color and Black & White Variants
  • Suited for Industrial Product Control, Object Flow Management, Electronic Component Manufacturing, and Robotic Guidance Applications

FCB Block Legacy

  • Sony Authorized System Integrator 
  • Hard-To-Find Sourcing 
  • Limited Stock 
  • Alternatives Available
  • NTSC/PAL modules
  • FCB-IX11A, FCB-EX1020/P, FCB-EV7520, and FCB-EV7520A