Commercial UAV Drone with Sony ILX-LR1 and Lens

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• Sony ILX-LR1 mounted on UAV gimble
• 61 MP resolution for commercial mapping
• Lightweight and remotely controlled



Commercial UAV Drone with Sony ILX-LR1 and Lens

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are powerful systems that offer opportunities for safety and efficiency gains in various industries. UAV drone surveillance and inspection systems can survey large footprints or inspect hard-to-reach areas faster than a human on foot could ever dream. For photogrammetry use cases, the Sony Alpha 7R IV Mirrorless Digital Camera Body (ILCE7RM4) was the industry gold standard.

Despite not being built specifically for UAV systems, the 61-megapixel sensor was leveraged to increase the speed and resolution of data collection. The camera, however, has its downsides for UAV applications.

The Alpha 7R has a heavy form factor with buttons, screens, and a battery. This leads to less flight time due to the increased power requirements and weight. A UAV drone manufacturer needed to create a lightweight, flexible UAV that could be utilized in various industries while still delivering high-quality imaging from a camera like the Sony Alpha 7R.


A new camera had to be configured to minimize the size and weight while keeping the high-quality image that the Sony Alpha 7 IV provided. This newly designed camera is the Sony ILX-LR1 Industrial Camera. Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of UAV applications, including aerial imaging for mapping and surveying, this camera weighs only 243 grams, less than half of the weight of the Sony Alpha 7R IV.

The camera design is three times smaller, with 100 X 75 X 42.5 mm dimensions, allowing for better aerodynamics and maneuverability on UAVs. The compressed size did not compromise the high-quality imaging capabilities, and this camera utilizes the same 61-megapixel sensor, allowing for the same data to be recorded but with a smaller camera. 


Integrating the Sony ILX-LR1 Industrial Camera into the customer's UAV represents a significant leap forward in drone technology for mapping, surveying, and inspection applications. Its compact size, high-resolution imaging capabilities, and advanced image processing features make it a superior choice for professional UAV use compared to using more conventional cameras like the Sony Alpha 7R.

This strategic enhancement not only broadens UAVs' application scope, but also elevates its performance, making the Sony ILX-LR1 Industrial Camera an invaluable tool for other professionals across various industries.

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