iGrab™ Vacuum Articulating FOSAR 1/2" Diameter Tool

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• 3-meter vacuum articulating guide tube for FOSAR applications
• 1/2-inch outer diameter with robust design
• Four-way Articulation, 120+ degrees in all directions
• Handheld Android monitor with US-based software



The iGrab Vacuum-Articulating FOSAR tool is engineered for removing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) that may be stringy or granular in challenging environments. Featuring a 1/2" outer diameter shaft with tungsten braid and stainless steel fittings, it accommodates a 0.240" channel inner diameter for efficient debris extraction. The device offers exceptional maneuverability with a 6" 4-way articulating tip, providing over 120 degrees of movement in all directions.

The iGrab Vacuum-Articulating FOSAR tool is equipped with a color CMOS sensor and LED lighting for clear, high-definition 1080p visibility even in dark environments. A portable monitor with US-based software is mounted to the handle for user-friendly operation. More practical features include a vacuum shut-off valve, the capability to change the nozzle attachments, and a spare rechargeable battery for continuous functionality. 

Initially developed for aerospace and aviation maintenance and repair overhaul (MRO) operations, this tool also serves industries requiring meticulous debris retrieval. Due to its durable design and advanced capabilities this device is also suited for the general manufacturing, power generation, and automotive sectors.

*Interchangeable nozzle attachments are not included with this device. Contact us to discuss what nozzle attachment is best suited for your application.*


Outer Diameter (inches)


Inner Diameter (inches)


Length (feet)

9.84 feet


Tungsten braid, stainless steel end fittings


4-way, 120° all directions

Camera Head

USB Camera

70° FOV


Color CMOS 1080p camera 


¾” to infinity 


21700 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery 


Samsung S8


USB Camera Pro

Operational Temperature 

0° to 60°C 90% non condensing 

Storage Temperature

-20° to 85° 


iGrab™ Vacuum Articulating FOSAR Tool Manual 

Suction Efficacy Experiment - Vacuum Flow Rates in Varied Hose Diameters for FOD Removal

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