InterTest UV LED Conformance Certificate for ASTM E3022

SeeUV Brand Logo SKU: EM13130

• UV LED Certificate for products that meet applicable ASTM 3022 provisions at time of shipment
• Certificate data includes UV spectrum, intensity, and illumination uniformity data required of ASTM 3022



The UV Conformance Certificate service is a certification that a product with UV-A LED lamp(s) meets applicable ASTM E3022-18 provisions (Standard Practice for Measurement of Emission Characteristics and Requirements for LEAD UV-A LED Lamps Used in Fluorescent Penetrant (FPI) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI). 

The certification covers the spectrum, intensity, and illumination uniformity requirements of ASTM E3022-18. ASTM E3022-18 does NOT apply to UV light sources used with borescopes and related light guides. ASTM E3022-18 compliance is intended for UV LEDs as applied to general inspection, not for remote visual examination instruments.

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