iShot®Mini ACMI Light Engine

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• Ultra-compact white LED light source
• OEM intergration required - must provide own power supply
• 3 V nominal, 100 - 500 mA




iShot®Mini ACMI Light Engine

The iShot®Mini ACMI Light Engine is a low-profile direct white light illuminator for borescopes and other fiberoptic lighting applications where the light input is an ACMI male adapter. It utilizes a high-performance LED in a low-profile package. Compact, lightweight, low power, and high output make this light source ideal for applications where external light sources with their associated light guide interfere with installation and operations. When used in robotic applications, the Mini ACMI Light Engine solves the illuminator question about how to manage the bulk of conventional lighting solutions.

This LED light source requires DC power. It is recommended to use a constant current power supply. This provides optimum control and safe operation. Typically a constant current power supply at 3 V nominal over the range of 100 to 500 ma provides long-lasting results. As with all LED devices heat management is required.  Not recommended if ambient conditions exceed 40C.  Low duty cycle operation up to 700 ma permitted.




 Housing Dimensions 0.51 in W x 0.81 in H
Cable Dimensions 0.140 in diameter x X length (custom lengths)
Weight 6 grams
Input Power 3 V, 100 to 500 mA, current limited power supply recommended


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