iShot® One Way Videoscope 3 mm X 1 m w/ 4" Touch Screen Display

InterTestSKU: EM17634



iShot® One Way Videoscope 3 mm X 1 m w/ 4" Touch Screen Display

Introducing the iShot® One Way Series Videoscope. Purpose-built with a special bending section for internal inspection of the most complex passages, able to navigate through multiple twists and turns within cast components.

The scope features one of the shortest distal shrouds in the industry and no external or internal collar at the bending section, which means no restriction on insertion or retrieval in the part to be inspected. This is truly a “Casting Scope.” The one-way design can extend the life cycle in severe service environments versus conventional scope designs.

The iShot® One Way scope is also designed for high-volume users with a disposable insertion tube (repair by replacement) to eliminate costly, time-consuming repairs and is priced accordingly.

Composed of integral tungsten wear-resistant tube for durability. Full digital lossless video transmission technology provides a high-definition visual experience; 120° one-way adjustment, steering within the object without obstacles, and dual LED light sources with low-temp and multi-level light adjustment.

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