iShot® PTZ-550A HD Camera System

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iShot® PTZ-550A HD Camera System

The iShot® HD PTZ-550A HD Camera System is InterTest’s first Full HD 1080p Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera.  The video output of the system is a component video signal (YPBPR,) the camera head can be submerged in up to 100 feet of water.

The iShot® PTZ-550A HD camera system uses Sony’s FCB-EV7500 HD camera module which has a 30x optical zoom lens and over three million pixels. The camera is equipped with a full suite of automatic and manual settings for exposure values, Day/Night mode, zoom, focus, auto focus, and image stabilization which are accessible from the onscreen menu as well as specific buttons built onto the controller for quick changes.

The system can fit through 5.5 inches openings and is 7.2lbs (Camera Head) The PTZ 550A HD camera head has the ability to Pan continuously 360 degrees, as well as Tilt 245 Degrees.  The head of the camera is outfitted with two 35 Watt Halogen Lamps, one with a spot reflector and the other with a flood reflector.  Each light is independently controlled, allowing the user to manually adjust the lighting to dynamic environments.

The system includes the PTZ-550A HD Camera Head Assembly with integrated Sony FCB-EH7500, a Control Box for manipulation of the mechanical motions, the lighting system, and the advanced controls of the camera module itself. Also included is a 100-foot Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable with a deployment reel. 

The PTZ-550A HD is easily implemented onto pre-existing mounting mechanism and was designed with being easily retrofitted to pre-existing inspection stations.



Common applications for the PTZ-550A HD include Nuclear Fuel Bundle/Serial Number Verification, Reactor Vessel, Large Pipe Inspections, Monitoring of Contaminated Rooms and Hot Cells, Steam Generator Bowl and Secondary Side Inspection, and Tanks and Vessels. Some other non-nuclear applications include Weld Inspections, Corrosion Evaluation, Fuel tank inspections, and any kind of application where human access is either dangerous or impossible.



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