iShot® VistaScope 2 mm x 1 m 4-way Casting Articulation

iShot Cameras Vendor Logo SKU: EM13366

• OD: 2mm (0.079")
• Length: 1M
• DOV: 0°
• FOV: 120°
• DOF: 2-50mm
• Articulation: 360 Degree/ 4-way controlled by joystick
• Illumination: LED 2,500 Lux
• Industry pioneered insertion tube replacement technology can rapidly replace insertion tube of different specifications within 20 seconds.
• Built-in 3.5 inch Display: 640 X 480
• Photo capture function while recording video
• Output: USB/HDMI/SD Card Slot
• Tungsten braided tube
• Sapphire protective lens



iShot® VistaScope 2 mm x 1 m 4-way Casting Articulation

The iShot® VistaScope 2.0 mm x 1 m, with 4-way Casting Articulation and LED illumination was developed after years of careful study and development of advanced technology, independent innovation, and research to address the needs of the Investment Casting Industry. It's portability and ease of use, make it an easy to pick up inspection tool, that is designed for the challenges of the casting environment. With it's 360° arbitrarily oriented joystick, extremely tight 160° of articulation, finding the critical core passages is well within reach. It's lightweight, and portable design, including it's vibrant 3.5" LCD screen, allow inspection to take place in any area of the facility.



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