XBlock® Handheld Camera Controller for Sony FCB EX-C, EX-D and IX Series of Cameras

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XBlock® Handheld Camera Controller for Sony FCB EX-C, EX-D, and IX Series of Cameras

The iShot® XBlock® EM13887 Handheld Camera Controller is designed to supply all needed to operate every camera function (i.e., zoom, iris, gain, freeze, etc.) 

Ideal for Sony FCB EX-C Series, EX-D Series, and IX Series of Block Cameras integrated with an XBlock housing. Via a serial cable, the controller connects to the rear of an XBlock camera housing and uses the camera's RS-232 interface to communicate. The controller is operated with a 9-volt Battery and a DC power adapter. The EM13887 handheld controller does not supply power to the block module, so when used with the battery, the controller can be plugged and unplugged from the camera without having to shut down any devices.

For use with Sony FCB-EX490D, FCB-EX490DP, FCB-EX480C, FCB-EX480CP, FCB-EX48C, FCB-EX48CP, FCB-EX990D, FCB-EX990DP, FCB-EX 980S, FCB-EX980SP, FCB-EX 980, FCB-EX 980P, and FCB-EX1010, and FCBIX11A.

iShot® XBlock® integrates the SD Sony Block Cameras into indoor and outdoor XBlock housings for broadcast systems, surveillance and security systems, machine vision, and robot vision. XBlock housings offer a variety of environmental resistances (i.e. radiation, water, and temperature resistance). For any questions regarding integrated block Cameras, please call!

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