iShot® XBlock® SD Composite FCB-RS Interface Board OEM - Evaluation Kit for Sony EX, EX-E, and Hitachi SD Block Cameras

InterTest SKU: EM14517

EM14517 - The iShot®, XBlock® FCB-RS Interface Board (RoHS compliant) Evaluation Kit with terminated cables for "plug and playis compatible with the Sony FCB-EX and FCB-EXE series of block cameras and the Hitachi SD block cameras.  The interface board allows for remote communication to the zoom block camera.

This interface board set comes complete with S-Video and BNC output, RS-232 Connection with 422 or 485 protocols, 9 pin, 12-inch flex ribbon and a 12-inch cable set with S-Video, BNC, RS-232 terminations and 12v DC IN.

  • EM14517 is compatible with Sony EX Series -  FCB-EX11D, FCB-EX11DP, FCB-EX490D, FCB-EX490DP, FCB-EX480C, FCB-EX480CP, FCB-EX48C, FCB-EX48CP, FCB-EX990D, FCB-EX990DP, FCB-EX 980S, FCB-EX980SP, FCB-EX 980, FCB-EX 980P, and FCB-EX1010
  • EM14517 is compatible with Sony EX-E Series -  FCB-EX-48E, FCB-EX-48EP, FCB-EX-490E, FCB-EX-490EP, FCB-EX-985E, FCB-EX-985EP, FCB-EX-995E, FCB-EX-995EP, FCB-EX-1020, and FCB-EX-1020P
  • Compatible with Hitachi VK-S655N, VK-S655EN, VK-S454N, and VK-S454EN 

The EM14517 board can also be used with the Hitachi VK Series Camera.

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