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Naval Vessel Camera System IP-67 - Long Wave Infra-Red and Color Camera with Pan Tilt Zoom and Stabilization


InterTest Engineering Capabilities
•Rugged camera to monitor irregular activity near the shorelines
•Sony FCB-EX2700 and cooled long wave Infar-Red Cameras controlled through a Moog Pan & Tilt QPT-50
• Custom-designed and built cabling system



Naval Vessel Camera System 

A naval vessel required a stabilized outdoor low light color camera and outdoor IR, a rugged camera to monitor irregular activity near the shorelines and out to deeper waters.


The camera system would require a stabilization box for rough waters, a housing with an IP-67 rating, a pan, tilt, zoom mechanism with both a high-resolution camera color camera and an IR camera with custom cabling.


Integrate a Sony FCB-EX2700 ( Sony Legacy FCB Cameras ) and cooled long wave Infar-Red Cameras into housings, route their power, control, and video through a Moog Pan & Tilt QPT-50.  The integrated cameras along with the Pan & Tilt unit were mounted on top of a “stabilization box”.  The stabilization box had an integrated inertial measurement unit, IMU, along with a custom-manufactured CPU.  Each housing needed to be sealed to at least IP67.  A custom-designed and built cabling system was also integrated into this project. The completed system was then deployed aboard naval vessels.

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