POV Camera for Full Contact Fighting Television Broadcasts

InterTest Engineering Capabilities
•Unique point-of-view camera
•Durable enough to withstand possible impact yet small enough to not take up viable space in the ring
• High-quality HD footage for television broadcasting



POV Camera for Television Broadcasts

Inertia Unlimited, a sports broadcasting company required a point-of-view camera to capture defining moments in the nationally known martial arts and boxing competition viewed by millions from their homes.  


The point-of-view camera required a high-definition camera small enough to keep in a safe area away from the fighters, yet positioned in the fighting arena to capture the most defining moments in the sport.


A resilient and rugged housing was created with an integrated Legacy Sony FCB to capture a one-of-a-kind point-of-view. Check out the latest Sony FCB Block technology for the latest zoom block modules.

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