Q. Monitor Video Out Cable

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Q. Monitor Video Out Cable

The Deluxe Sidewinder™ is a hand held tube inspection system with 0.75 inch OD submersible camera head and wireless viewing /recording monitor. Featuring an infinite tool-less focus!

Portable, one-pass inspection of exchanger tubes and small pipes. Easy to carry on ladders, catwalks and into confined places- the Sidewinder inspects 100’ into pipes as narrow as 13/16". Simply grip the reel in one hand and feed the camera with the other as you watch video on the system’s LCD monitor. To document inspections, Sidewinder™ records up to 32GB of video and images to a micro SD card, and connects to your PC via USB. In tight areas, the monitor undocks for wireless viewing up to 30' away, and attaches to workpieces via a magnetic swivel mount.... while in the palm of your hand. 

(AC Power Supply, magnetic swivel mount and SD cards sold separately) 


The Sidewinder™ pipe inspection camera serves the inspection needs of many different industries:

  • Process Industries, including food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical, require inspection of pipe for erosion, corrosion, deposits, blockages and weld integrity. Narrow diameter and a selection of viewing attachments make Sidewinder™ especially suited for a broad range of process pipe applications.
  • Power Plants require routine inspection of heat-exchanger tubes and other heat-transfer infrastructure. Sidewinder's™ compact camera profile and 100' cable inspect tube loops completely in a single pass.
  • Plumbers need a push camera that can pass through multiple bends in drain pipe, yet which has the rigidity for long-distance pushes. Sidewinder™ meets those needs while offering enhanced portability.
  • Electrical and HVAC Technicians need a portable tool to inspect electrical conduit and duct work on the fly.
  • Transportation Industries inspect hard-to-reach areas of airframes, ship hulls and cargo containers using field-deployable tools like Sidewinder that capture critical information with minimal setup.
  • Law Enforcement professionals rely on tools like Sidewinder™ to perform covert monitoring, surveillance of hostile situations, and reconnaissance from underwater and confined locations.

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