SeeUV® MZ5™ FS 120M Inspection System for 120 mm Tubes

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High Definition White and UV Video Bore Inspection System

iShot® MZ-5™ FS 120M Inspection System for 120 mm Tubes

The MZ-5 FS 120 mm Tube System supports visual examinations of bore IDs during general visual inspections and/or during fluorescent inspection processes. Independent white and UV illumination are provided for viewing surfaces with live color HD video or capture of 13 megapixel photos. The MZ-5 FS 120 mm Tube System (MZ-5 FS 120M) builds on the successful MZ-5 by utilizing field or shop deployable packaging and related extension pole mechanics specific to the 120 mm tube. The high-performance sensors are matched to display and capture hardware. This is a field deployable or general shop and lab system.

120 mm Tube Application:

MZ-5 FS 120M standard hardware supports the visual examinations of 120 mm tubes at lengths up to 10’. The head contains two cameras that may be switched between wide field down tube view and right angle view. Both cameras operate in HD video or 13 MP still capture modes and each camera has independent white and UV illumination controls.

Included with its Windows operating system is DocuView, our user interface program. This provides annotation, measurement, and capture functions that enable defect sizing, and recording of HD video and 4K still images along with functional control of the system’s lights and cameras. The system supports visual examination of 105-, 120-, and 155-mm diameter gun tubes; it is able to inspect from 80 mm up to 8” ID bores with tube lengths of 40’and longer. Two cameras within the inspection head, direct and side view, can quickly toggled views reducing inspection time. Included are quick on/off centering fixtures enabling simple setup for examinations and recording of tube walls views identifying surface condition and the location surface defects. DocuView can record all inspections in HD video or provide 13 MP still image capture.

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