SeeUV® WebViewer® Camera Inspection System

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• Meets or exceeds common aviation inspection requirements
• Motorized and encoded control of camera movement
• FPI and MPI inspection system
• High Definition (1980 x 1020p)
• Excellent µW/cm2 UV output at 365 – 370 nm



SeeUV® WebViewer® Camera Inspection System

The SeeUV® WebViewer® Camera Inspection System is a cart-mounted ultraviolet and white light inspection system that inspects the webbing of turbine engine drums, shafts, and spools typically found in aviation, aerospace, and power generation industries.  This remote visual inspection (RVI) tool is designed specifically for industrial applications requiring ultraviolet (UV) and white light for fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) testing methods.

Typical applications for the SeeUV® Webviewer Camera Inspection System include FPI or MPI inside the internal components of combustion turbine drums, shafts, and spools for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) shops.

The system allows for 3-axis motorized movement (horizontal, vertical, and radial insertion), with encoded location values displayed on the screen, to ensure 100% coverage, repeatability, and record of the inspection.  

Changeable optical adapters allow the user to change direction-of-view in 5 different directions: 0º, 60º (forward and aft), and 90º (forward and aft).  This allows areas within the complex geometry to be viewed at appropriate angles, complying with standard inspection requirements. 

The system meets or exceeds aviation industry requirements for visual acuity, quality of UV light, and mechanical repeatability to ensure it can overlap.


 Camera Specifications
 Image Sensor
1/6" CMOS 2 Megapixel
 Video Format  DVI
 Resolution  1980H x 1020V effective pixels
 Shutter  Automatic
 Operation Temperature  0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Illumination System 
UV Transmission   6.5 meter x 5.5 mm (OD) liquid light guide
White Light Transmission  6.5 meter x 4 mm (OD) light guide
UV Light Output Peak 365 – 370 nm
UV Intensity  UV intensity > 2000 µW/cm2 at 100 mm (4.0”) from the target
Light Control White and UV full range variable intensity; simultaneous and independent operation
Camera Head Features
Dimensions 1.25" x 3" ( Minimal access is 102mm Bore)
Focus  Motorized, remote control
Viewing Direction 

 0º, 60º (forward & aft) & 90º (forward & aft)

Optical Adapter Specification
Forward (0º) 64ºx36º
 (60º) 21ºx11.9º
 (90º) 64ºx36º
Mechanical Specifications
Axis of movement  X-axis (insertion), Y-axis (elevation), and radial
Insertion Range (X-axis)  970 mm
Elevation Range (Y-axis)  500 mm
Radial Range  250 mm
Encoding   X-axis, Y-axis & Radial
Encoding Resolution  ± 0.1 cm
Cart (Height)  Black powder-coated steel (34”), other colors optional
Model  EM17063 Marshall 17.3” FHD
Controller  EM18562 SeeUV® WebViewer® Camera Controller
Controller Power  110VAC (220VAC) optional 


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