SnakeEye® Carry Case

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• 24 inch rigid video borescope • UV and White light output • 14 inch Sony Monitor • 470 TV Line CCD provides sharp, high resoultion images • 10mm outer diameter • Lumatec light source • Right angle viewing adapter



SnakeEye Carry Case

The SeeUV Video Rigid Borescope measures 24-inches in length by 10mm in outer diameter. The CCD camera reproduces images with 470 TV line resolution. Using a 3mm active area integral liquid light guide, the UV output figure is higher than that of a standard rod lens borescope, providing powerful Illumination on the target area. The scope is not meant for use through an eyepiece but rather as a high-definition monitor which delivers a large, clearly defined picture and allows the operator free use of his hands, which is necessary for the inspection process. For viewing objects at a right angle, a 90-degree viewing adapter is provided. Alternative borescope lengths are available upon request.

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