SnakeEye III Base Kit CW - BK-03CW

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SnakeEye III Base Kit CW - BK-03CW

The SnakeEye III Base Kit CW (wand, LED camera and C-Mount Camera - 120V) is ideal for visual inspection and capturing of hard-to-reach areas with access greater than 1.3 inches (3.4cm). The waterproof display features the ability to capture images to an on board SD card with audio annotations (if desired). An IP68 kit gives the SnakeEye III display the IP68 compliance for dusty and wet environments.

SnakeEye™ is modular in design so that it can be easily configured to inspect ... behind walls, inside ceilings, in and around pipes and machinery, under vehicles and aircraft, inside engine compartments, behind computer equipment, underneath automobile dashboards … the possible uses are endless. SnakeEye™ is ideal for quick, non-destructive, qualitative inspections in hard-to-reach places.

SnakeEye™ is designed to function in harsh industrial and commercial environments and is constructed of high impact, heavy duty plastic that can withstand shock and vibration. SnakeEye™ resists water, dust, and dirt particles and can also be used where grease and non-solvent based chemicals are present.

Hand Held Display Unit

SnakeEye™'s lightweight, compact display unit (less than 2 lbs.) houses a high resolution (960 x 234) full color 5" TFT-LCD display and rechargeable battery pack. The display screen has a built-in protective, plastic cover and can be rotated to maintain proper image orientation for the viewer.

Designed for easy one-handed operation, the display unit contains three color-coded push button controls: Power On/Off, Camera Head Light On, low, medium, high or Off for operating in low light conditions, and an image orientation control that rotates the image 180 with the touch of this control switch.

Two ports at the base of the display unit allow for additional plug-in capabilities: Video In/Out connects to a standard VCR, a computer equipped with an analog to digital "frame grabber", or to some handycams that have a video "in" port for image recording and playback; AC/DC adapter and 12 volt auto adapter allow for continuous non-battery power operation. 

Removable Camera Head

SnakeEye™ is equipped with a high speed CCD color camera with built-in 3 level (low, medium and high) LED illumination that delivers clear images in low light conditions, constant image clarity with variable object distance and minimum image distortion. The camera head contains four white LED's, which are controlled by the Camera Head Light button on the display unit.

The water resistant camera head is 1.32" in diameter and is ruggedized for optimum performance in harsh environmental conditions. When used in combination with the rigid wand, the camera head can be vertically articulated up to 90°.


SnakeEye III Base Kit CW - BK-03CW

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