Sony XCG-CG510C GigE 5.1MP 23fps Pregius Color Camera

Sony Vendor Logo SKU: EM17688MFG: XCG-CG510C

• GigE Vision Sony
• Color Camera
• 5.1 MP, 23fps
• 2/3-type Global Shutter CMOS sensor captures high-speed moving images
• 2,464 x 2,056 Effective Pixels
• Area gain, defect pixel correction, and shading correction
• C-mount lens mount
• External trigger, software trigger
• Shorter Latency
• Special trigger modes; Bulk trigger, sequential
• Look up Table (LUT)
• Partial Scan



Sony XCG-CG510C GigE 5.1MP 23fps Pregius Color Camera

The GigE Vision Sony XCG-CG510C color camera with 5.1 MP, 23 fps incorporates Sony’s CMOS image sensor with a 2/3-type Global Shutter CMOS sensor function which is able to accurately capture high-speed moving images. In addition, the Sony XCG-CG510C camera incorporates some unique image processing features including area gain, defect pixel correction, and shading correction. With a compact design, the XCG-CG510C camera can be integrated into a variety of space-restricted environments. PoE/DC12V support.



Image Sensor

2/3-type CMOS sensors with a global shutter function (PREGIUS)

Camera Type


Effective Pixels

2,464 x 2,056

Resolution Depth

8, 10, 12-bit, digital

Frame Rate

23 fps

Cell Size

3.45 μm x 3.45 μm

Minimum Illumination

10 lx (Iris: F1.4, Gain: +18 dB, Shutter: 1/23 s)


F8 (2000 lx, Gain: 0 dB, Shutter: 1/23 s)


Auto, Manual: 0dB to +18dB

Shutter Speed

Auto, Manual: 60 s to 1/100,000 s

White Balance

Manual, One push, Auto

Video Data Output

Raw8, 10, 12-bit, RGB,YUV444,YUV422

Digital Interface

GigE Vision 2.0/1.2

Interface Type

Gigabit Ethernet with PoE

Lens Mount


Flange Back

17.526 mm

Storage Temperature

-30° to 60 °C

Operating Temperature

-5° to 45° C

Power Requirements

DC +12.0 V

Power Consumption

3 Watt

Shock Resistance

70 G

Vibration Resistance

10 G (20 Hz to 200 Hz)



Dimensions (W x H x D)

29 x 29 x 42mm


 XCG-CG_GigE_PoE_Global_shutter_Cameras (1.15 MB)

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