Sony XCU-CG160 USB3 1.6MP Color Camera

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• Sony IMX273 1.6MP
• Over 100 fps
• Compact size
• USB3.0 Vision 1.0.1
• Area Gain
• Advanced Image Processing
o Defect Pixel Correction
o Shading Correction



Sony XCU-CG160 USB3 1.6MP Color Camera

The Sony XCU-CG160C (color) merges the finest Sony technology in a suitable form factor optimized for use within the Industrial Vision non-manufacturing vision markets. It includes the latest 1.6 MP Pregius GSCMOS sensor delivering the best resolution and frame structure in industrial and inspection settings where USB3.0 Vision is the preferred framework.

The XCU-CG160 delivers a straightforward migration path from CCD to GSCMOS without necessarily upgrading or changing architecture. The XCU-CG160 has a resolution of 1456x1088p with a frame rate of over 100fps and supports USB3.0 Vision 1.0.1 interface.



XCU-CG160C (Color)

Image Type


Image Size


Image Sensor

1/2.9" Type Global Shutter CMOS Sensor (Pregius)

Number of Effective Pixels

1,456 x 1088

Cell Size

3.45um x 3.45um

Standard Output Pixels

1,440 x 1,080

Frame Rate

100 fps (8-bit Mono)

Minimum Illumination

12 lx (Iris F1.4, Gain: +18db, Shutter: 1/30 Seconds)


F5.6 (2000lx, Gain 0 db, Shutter, 1/30s)


More Than 50 db (Lens Close, Gain 0db, 8bits)


Auto Manual: 0db to 18db

Shutter Speed

Auto, Manual 60 to 1/100,000s

Digital Interface

USB 3.0 (only super speed)

Lens Mount



Approx. 50g


Sony XCU-CG160 Manual


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