Twiga TV10 0096 3G/HD-SDI Neo Interface Board - MCX

Twiga Vendor Logo SKU: EM17864 MFG: TV10 0096 MCX

• MCX digital video output connector
• 3G/HD-SDI Output
• Video resolution up to 1080p60
• Ultra-low transmission latency (<1ms)
• UART Communication - RS232/TTL using VISCA
• Setup & Update via UART
• Video mode selection by switches
• Power supply 7V-12VDC
• Automatic LVDS & format camera recognition




Twiga TV10 0096 3G/HD-SDI Neo Interface Board - MCX

Twiga 3G-SDI Neo converts the native LVDS video signal from camera zoom blocks to 3G/HD-SDI standard. Take advantage of a high-quality and uncompressed video stream with a BNC digital video output connector.

Staggering image quality 

3G/HD-SDI Neo interface board enables to transmit uncompressed high-definition video signals from LVDS zoom cameras to the screen and delivers high picture quality.

Twiga 3G/HD-SDI Neo allows real-time and secure HD video transmission over long distances using coaxial cable (100 m+)

Easy integration

Twiga 3G/HD-SDI Neo module can be rear-mounted on the camera without hampering the mechanical integration.

3G/HD-SDI Neo conversion board has been expertly designed to offer a robust, industrial, and sustainable solution for applications such as medical imaging, surveillance, machine vision, and inspection that require a long life cycle.

Custom functionalities

Depending on your application, a board-to-board connector available on the module will allow you to benefit from custom functionalities, including integrated RTC, audio embedded to SDI, additional video input.


Video Output Connector


Digital video output

3G/HD-SDI - SMPTE 424 M, HD-SDI 292 M

Video output standard configuration


Camera control

VISCA – RS232 / TTL level (selectable via switches)

Power supply

7 to 12 VDC

Power consumption

5W (including camera)

Operating temperature range

0°C to 60°C

Storage temperature range

-20°C to 60°C


CE EMC compliant, PCB : UL

Dimensions (mm)

48 (H) x 45 (W) x 13 (D)


15 g



Twiga TV10 0096 3G/HD-SDI Neo Interface Board - BNC Product Brief

Twiga TV10 0096 3G/HD-SDI Neo Interface Board - BNC Technical Manual

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