VISIOPROBE VP90A-Z Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Head - 90 mm OD

VisioProbe Vendor Logo SKU: EM30936 MFG: VP90A-Z

• 90 mm OD
• Pan 360°, Tilt 90°
• 10x optical zoom
• Autofocus from 250mm to ∞
• Wide 58° to Narrow 7° Fields of view
• 4 White LEDs
• Waterproof (up to 5 atms/bars)
• 2.2 kg weight

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VISIOPROBE VP90A-Z Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Head - 90 mm OD

The VISIOPROBE VP90A-Z Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Head - 90 mm OD offers a 10x optical zoom, a 1/3" color sensor, and a panning range of +/- 360 degrees and a tilting range of +/- 90 degrees. Automatic focus runs from 250mm to infinity, and the sapphire glass protects the camera for ultimate resilience. Moreover, it can withstand depths of up to 5 atmospheres/bars inside a lightweight yet durable aluminum housing.

The camera measures 242 mm long and weighs 2.2kg.

The VISIOPROBE VP90A-Z camera head is compatible with the following:

EM#  Product
EM30855 VISIOPROBE VPBAI400 Camera Control Unit
EM31040 VISIOPROBE VPCAB005-Z Camera Cable - 5 meters
EM31047 VISIOPROBE VPCAB010-Z Camera Cable - 10 meters
EM31050 VISIOPROBE VPCAB020-Z Camera Cable - 20 meters
EM31065 VISIOPROBE VPCAB030-Z Camera Cable - 30 meters
EM31073 VISIOPROBE VPCAB050-Z Camera Cable - 50 meters



 EM# Product
EM31566 VISIOPROBE VPBAT400 Battery Pack - for VPBAI400 Video Control Unit
EM31567 VISIOPROBE VPSTATION Battery Recharging Station
EM31561 VISIOPROBE VPCAP Anti-Glare Sunshade
EM31565 VISIOPROBE VPALIM400 Power Supply 36W / 24V - w/ International Adaptor
EM31563 VISIOPROBE VPPER-ROTULE Aluminum Ball Head - for Telescopic Poles
EM31560 VISIOPROBE VPCENF28 39.8 mm Centering Sleeve - for VPF28
EM31553 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45H160 / H300 Nylon Centering Hedgehog
EM31552 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45P 200 mm Centering Sleeve - Star Shaped
EM31551 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45 METAL 70 mm Centering Sleeve w/ Metal Ring
EM31550 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45DOUBLE-125R 125 mm Centering Sleeve - w/ Wheels
EM31544 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45DOUBLE Centering Sleeve - No Bends
EM31549 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45DOUBLE-150 Centering Sleeve- No Bends
EM31543 VISIOPROBE VPCEN45 Centering Sleeve
EM31564 VISIOPROBE VPCHA400 NiMh Battery Charger 24V


Poles & Reels

EM# Product
EM31541 VISIOPROBE VPDEV50s Reel for Flexible Cable - Reel Only
EM31540 VISIOPROBE VPDEV30 Reel Pushrod Cable - 30 meters
EM31531 VISIOPROBE VPPERCARBONE15 Carbon Fiber Pole - 1.5 meters
EM31532 VISIOPROBE VPPERCARBONE27 Carbon Fiber Pole - 2.7 meters
EM31533 VISIOPROBE VPPERCARBONE56 Carbon Fiber Pole - 5.6 meters


Carrying Cases

EM# Product
EM31216 VISIOPROBE VPVAL Shock-Proof Square Case
EM31458 VISIOPROBE VPETUIM Rugged Carrying Case for 2.7-meter Poles
EM31449 VISIOPROBE VPETUIF Rugged Carrying Case for 5.6-meter Poles



Camera Head

Outer Diameter 90 mm
Pan Range 360° infinitely   
Tilt Range -90° to +90°
Optical Zoom 10x
Image Sensor 1/3" color CMOS 
Video output SD
Focus/Depth of Field f = 3.3-33mm, 10mm - infinity adjustable
Field of View 7 to 58°
Shutter Auto/Manual
Lens Cover Sapphire glass
Light Sensitivity N/A
Aux Lighting/Intensity 4 white LEDs/4250 lux @ 300 mm distance
Water Resistance 5 bars/atms
Operating Temperature -30° to 65°C
Material Anodized aluminum
Weight 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs)
Length 242mm


VISIOPROBE VP90A-Z PAL Specification Sheet

VISIOPROBE Camera Comparison Sheet

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