Weld-i® Submerged Arc Welding Camera Control Unit (CCU)

Weld-i Brand Logo SKU: EM10075

• Camera Control Unit for Submerged Arc Weld Viewing
• Compatible with any HDMI monitor configuration *monitor not included
• Provides on screen camera control settings, zoom adjustment, and ability to manipulate on-screen guide lines



The Weld-i® Submerged Arc Welding Camera Control Unit (CCU) enables intuitive controls with custom designed software to easily adjust of zoom levels, manipulate on-screen targeting guide lines, and manage camera settings. This easy to use setup enables real-time adjustments and ensures precise control over the welding process. The camera control units software is also compatible with all monitors both touchscreen and standard display monitors with a mouse.

*Monitor, camera, and cable not included with CCU

The  Weld-i® Submerged Arc Welding Camera Control Unit (CCU) is designed to control the  Weld-i® Submerged Arc Welding Camera Head. This CCU is ideal for mechanized SAW processes on large, rugged parts and is designed to withstand harsh conditions and enhance quality assurance procedures. With its ability for continuous monitoring and precise torch positioning, this system greatly improves operator safety and efficiency by providing real-time visibility of the welding process.

Visit our Weld-i® Submerged Arc Weld (SAW) Camera Monitoring System page to see the complete system and accessories.

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