XBlock® Desktop Camera Controller for Sony FCB-EV, EH, SE, EX-E and EX-F Cameras

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• Compatible with Sony FCB-EV, EH, SE, EX-E and EX-F Series Cameras
• Operates basic camera functions like zoom, iris, gain, exposure, etc.



XBlock® Desktop Camera Controller for Sony FCB-EV, EH, SE, EX-E and EX-F Cameras

The XBlock® Desktop Camera Controller is designed to supply the essential functions (i.e. zoom, iris, gain, freeze, etc.) to operate the KT&C and  Sony FCB-EV Series, Sony FCB-EH, FCB-EX F Series or FCB-EX E Series Color Block Cameras integrated with an XBlock® housing. Via a serial cable, the controller connects to the rear of an XBlock® camera housing and uses the camera's RS-232 interface to communicate. The unit operates with a 12-volt DC power adapter

The XBlock® product line integrates the 4K, HD, and SD Zoom Block Cameras into indoor and outdoor XBlock® housings intended for broadcast systems, surveillance and security systems, machine vision, and robot vision. XBlock® housings offer a variety of environmental resistances (i.e., radiation, water, and temperature resistance). For any questions regarding integrated block Cameras, please call!

For use with 4K Sony FCB-ER8300

For use with HD Sony FCB-EV-9520L, FCB-EV7520/J, FCB-EV7520, FCB-EV7520A, FCB-EV7300, FCB-EV7310, FCB-EV7320, FCB-EV7100, FCB-EV5500, FCB-EH6500, FCB-EH6300, FCB-EH3150, FCB-EH3410, and SE600 block cameras

For use with SD Sony FCB-EX2700, FCB-EX2400, FCB-EX2200, FCB-EX1020, FCB-EX1010, FCB-EX995E, FCB-EX990D, FCB-EX985E, FCB-EX490E, FCB-EX48E, FCB-EX20D, FCB-EX11D, and FCB-EX15E block cameras



XBlock® Desktop Camera Controller Manual

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